Caterina Barbieri

September 2018

Caterina Barbieri is a Berlin-based Italian composer. Her debut album “Vertical” was produced between Elektronmusikstudion and the Royal University of Music in Stockholm. Since then, her work has been presented in festivals and venues such as The Long Now, MaerzMusik, Atonal, CTM, HKW, Ableton Loop, Moogfest, Mutek, Barbican Centre and Biennale di Venezia 2017. Her last solo LP “Patterns of Consciousness” has received critical acclaim and has been named in several “Best of 2017” music round-ups (Fact Mag, The Wire, Boomkat).

Ionian Death Robes (Abigail Toll)
Maya Shenfeld


Laurel Halo

October 2018

Laurel Halo is a Berlin-based recording artist. Her eccentric, genre-defying productions have earned her a reputation as a producer with a singular, distinctive voice. Originally from the North-American Midwest, Laurel Halo has released three albums and several EP’s via the renowned labels Hyperdub, Honest John, Hippos in Tanks and NNA Tapes. Her last album “Dust” featured contributions by Julia Holter, Klein, Lafawnda who like Laurel Halo channel the Zeitgeist of today in their work.

Baal & Mortimer (Alexandra Gruebler)


Lucrecia Dalt

November 2018

Lucrecia Dalt is a Berlin-based songwriter who dove into music full-time after working as a civil engineer in Colombia. Her pursuit of avant-garde sound brought her to Barcelona and then to Berlin, where she currently resides. Over the years, she has collaborated with Berlin’s F.S. Blumm, Barbara Morgenstern, Gudrun Gut, Julia Holter, and, in the project Terepa, with a group comprised of Rashad Becker, Charlotte Collin, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, NHK’Koyxen, and Grégoire Simon. She has recorded five albums on labels such as Human Ear Music, Care of Editions and Nicolas Jaar’s imprint Syzygy.

Albertine Sarges
Daniela Huerta (AKA Baby Vulture)


Robert Lippok

January 2019

Robert Lippok is an avant-garde musician and visual artist and composer who has been an influential player in Berlin’s thriving experimental music scene from a very early age. In the 80’s his brother Ronald and him played dissident music under the name Ornament und Verbrechen. In the 90’s they started post-rock outfit To Rococo Rot together with Stefan Schneider and published on various labels such as Kitty-Yo, City Slang or Staubgold. His solo work has been featured on the renowned label Raster-Noton.

The Allegorist (Anna Jordan)
Jana Irmert



Februar 2019

Ziúr is a Berlin-based DJ/producer. In 2015 Ziúr self-released her first mixtape /xuːx/ featuring Brooklyn’s Samantha Urbani and Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and San Francisco rapper MicahTron. In 2016 her official debut EP “Taiga” followed, she also contributed to Peaches’ remix album. Her first full-length album “U Feel Anything?” was released October 2017 on Planet Mu. Ziúr played festivals such as Unsound, CTM, Lunchmeat, 3hd and shared stage with Kablam, Amnesia Scanner, Patten and DJ PayPal.

Nancy Drone


Born in Flamez

March 2019

Born in Flamez is a Berlin-based producer and DJ who subverts gender and genre with a range of influences somewhere between deconstructed club, lofi pop, grime, and classical music. The project has released tracks on Infinite Machine, Monkeytown and UnReal and collaborated with the likes of WWWings, Ziúr and Modeselektor. They have produced with LA based noise trio Health, whom she also supported on tour. They also supported canadian multitalent OPN in Europe and co-curated CTM festival 2018.


Ville Haimala

April 2019

Ville Haimala is a Finnish born Berlin based artist and producer best known as one half of music duo, performing arts troupe, experience design studio and production house Amnesia Scanner. Amnesia Scanner has released a series of critically acclaimed albums/records on labels like Young Turks and PAN and presented work at art institutions such as ICA London, HKW Berlin, and the Serpentine Gallery Marathon in London. Aside working on Amnesia Scanner, Ville is also working as a composer and music producer collaborating with visual and musical artists like FKA Twigs, David Byrne, Holly Herndon and Oliver Laric.


Andi Toma

May 2019

Andi Toma is a founding member of Mouse on Mars – one of the most defining and versatile electronic music projects from Germany. Since they started in 1993, Andi Toma and band partner Jan St. Werner have recorded 15 albums and have started various collaborations, such as with outsider composer Moondog, The Falls Mark E. Smith and avant-pop-outfit Stereolab. Additionally to Mouse on Mars the duo started a label called sonig where they showcase experimental music. Originally from Düsseldorf, Andi Toma now lives and works in Berlin.


Drew McDowall

June 2019

Drew McDowall is a Scottish born- NYC based composer and musician. He was a member of Coil in the 90’s contributing heavily to some of their most respected and influential works. Recently he has presented his hallucinatory, darkly experimental work at international festivals such as CTM, Berlin Atonal, Labyrinth, UH Festival, Dark Mofo and Unsound. He has collaborated with Hiro Kone, Puce Mary, Croatian Amor, Varg and Rabit amongst others. His latest solo album The Third Helix was released on Dais Records in September 2018.



July 2019

Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock is a Bolton born Berlin-based singer-songwriter, composer, producer and director. A self-taught, non-binary, working class musician, they released three critically acclaimed studio albums of left-field dance music to their name – not to mention various collaborations, opera’s, film scores and remixes. Over the last decade Rostron worked with The Knife, Bruce LaBruce, Mount Sims and Shit Robot and released on DFA Records.