March Residency Tracks

March residents Lamb Kebab and Deatxwish’s tracks released


Born in Flamez

März 2019

Born in Flamez ist eine Produzentin und DJ aus Berlin, deren Genre-aufbrechende Produktionen sich zwischen dekonstruierter Clubmusik, Lofi-Pop, Grime und Klassik bewegen. Ihre Tracks erschienen unter anderem auf Infinite Machine, Monkeytown und UnReal. Gearbeitet hat sie mit WWWings, Ziúr und Modeselektor und produzierte für das Noise-Trio Healt aus LA, das sie ebenfalls auf Tour begleitete. Born in Flamez spielte als Support für das kanadische Multitalent OPN in Europa und ko-kuratierte das CTM-Festival 2018.


Ville Haimala

April 2019

Ville Haimala ist ein in Berlin lebender Künstler und Producer, der mit Amnesia Scanner große Bekanntheit erlangte, einem Hybrid aus Musik, Performance, Production und Design. Mit Amnesia Scanner veröffentlichte er Alben auf Young Turks und PAN und präsentierte seine Arbeiten im ICA London, HKW Berlin und der Serpentine Gallery Marathon in London. Über Amnesia Scanner hinaus ist Ville als Komponist und Produzent aktiv und arbeitete mit Künstler*Innen, wie FKA Twigs, David Byrne, Holly Herndon und Oliver Laric.


Andi Toma

Mai 2019

Andi Toma ist Gründungsmitglied von Mouse on Mars, eines der einflussreichsten und vielseitigsten Electronic-Projekte aus Deutschland. Seit 1993 haben Andi Toma und sein Bandpartner Jan St. Werner 15 Alben aufgenommen und mit bedeutenden Namen kollaboriert, darunter die New Yorker Musik-Ikone Moondog, The-Fall-Sänger Mark E. Smith und die Avant-Pop-Band Stereolab. Zusätzlich zu Mouse on Mars hat das Duo das Label sonig gegründet, auf dem es experimenteller Musik eine Plattform bietet. Andi Toma, gebürtiger Düsseldorfer, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.


Drew McDowall

Juni 2019

Drew McDowall ist ein Komponist und Musiker, der zur Zeit in New York lebt und arbeitet. In den 90ern spielte er bei Coil und trug maßgeblich zu den einflussreichsten Alben der Band bei. Zuletzt präsentierte er seine düster-experimentellen Arbeiten auf internationalen Festivals, wie CTM, Berlin Atonal, Labyrinth, UH Festival, Dark Mofo und Unsound. Zusammengearbeitet hat er mit Hiro Kone, Puce Mary, Croatian Amor, Varg und Rabit. Sein drittes Album The Third Helix wurde im September 2018 auf Dais Records veröffentlicht.


Max Boss of Easter

Juli 2019

Max Boss (along with writer Stine Omar) is one half of Easter, who place the deadpan delivery of riddling rhymes atop synthetic post-Eurodance beats, distilled into stark minimalism. Easter’s sonic identity is bolstered by a playfully clinical visual language – their 15 self-directed music videos show the sophisticated DIY aesthetic they have crafted, equally suitable for laptop screens as in white cubes.


Yair Elazar Glotman

März 2021

Yair Elazar Glotman is a composer and a musician based in Berlin.

Glotman trained in both classical music as an orchestral contrabass player and in electroacoustic composition. His current practice is informed by both of these traditions and employs a range of improvisation, extended contrabass techniques, and a special interest in textural and spatial compositions and combining analog and digital processing.

In recent years, Glotman’s focus has been in composition for film and media, alongside regularly releasing and performing his own music. His work for film has included working closely with the influential, late composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, most notably writing additional music for “Mandy” (2018) and co-composing “Last and First Men” (2020). He scored the forthcoming A24 production „False Positive“ together with cellist Lucy Railton. In addition, he has worked with composers Hildur Guðnadóttir, Ben Frost, Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury, Dustin
O’halloran and Hauschka, and others. In addition to film and TV, he has composed for dance performances and Opera, most notably designing the Soundtrack for the Royal Opera House in London’s production “Mamzer” (2018) by Na’ama Zisser.

Glotman has released music under his own name as well as under other projects such as KETEV and collaborations with composer Mats Erlandsson and Viktor Orri Árnason. His work has been released on notable labels including Deutsche Grammophon,130701/Fatcat, Bedroom Community, Miasmah and Subtext. He has played at various music and arts venues around the world, including MaerzMusik, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Volksbuehne, CTM festival, Steirischer Herbst and Atonal festival.

© Maximilian Koenig


Lucy Railton

April 2021

Berlin/London based cellist Lucy Railton has been an active performer and music producer and composer for over a decade, releasing albums on Modern Love, Editions Mego – GRM Portraits, PAN (with Peter Zinovieff) and Takuroku. Having emerged from a long-term engagement with classical and contemporary music, these recent works exist between modern instrumentalism, electroacoustic composition, improvisation and expressive musique concrète. Her work often focuses on the sonic potential of her instrument and how it serves her experiments in electronic music production and installation work. Over the years she has engaged with a range of interdisciplinary collaborations including those with Rebecca Salvadori, Peter Zinovieff, Catherine Lamb, Beatrice Dillon, Kali Malone and Kadialy Kouyate, the writer Laura Grace Ford, choreographers Akram Khan and Sasha Milavic Davies and has performed in projects lead by Pauline Oliveros, Iancu Dumitrescu, Mary Jane Leach, Cally Spooner, Matmos and Philippe Parreno. Her involvement with some of these artists and their repertoire has occasioned extensive explorations of resonance, psychoacoustics, synthesis and microtonality, preoccupations that are ever present in her own work.

Throughout her twenties living in London Lucy advocated contemporary and experimental music, working extensively across the scene producing events at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Vortex Jazz Club whilst establishing the 10 year long music series Kammer Klang at Cafe Oto and co-founding and co-directing the London Contemporary Music Festival 2013-2016. Also during this time, Lucy freelanced with the ensembles London Sinfonietta, Britten Sinfonia and Ensemble Plus Minus and regularly performed with the pianist Kit Downes, violinist Aisha Orazabayeva and with many individuals in the London improv scene. She has performed at festivals and venues including Dark Mofo (Tasmania), Blank Forms (New York), Cafe Oto, Borealis Festival, Atonal, Koln Philharmonie, Barbican, Berlin Jazz, Donaueschingen, Sydney Opera House, Rewire, AKOUSMA (GRM), Norbergfestival, Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía and CTM.

Recently she has been focusing on new collaborations and projects in Berlin, including the James Tenney Festival with the Harmonic Space Orchestra, a touring production of ‘Everything that rises must dance’ a performance devised with Sasha Milavic Davies for 200 female participants, co-composing (with Yair Elazar Glotman) the film score for A24’s forthcoming production “False Positive” and new solo works in spatialized sound.

© George Nebieridze



Mai 2021

Shapednoise is Sicilian producer Nino Pedone who casts sheets of noise, industrial, and hardcore continuum influences to create highly sculptured and colorful sound designs and compositions.
He focuses his research on noises and innovative practices within the production process by exploring textural noise, bass weight, and abrasive transcendence. More specifically, he’s experimenting with unconventional production practices to explore the metamorphosis of sounds when combining unusual timbres, structures, and rhythms.

„His music’s physical in the way that fevers and heartbreak and fear are physical, affecting every sense at once and casting a shadow over every inch of your periphery.“

© Leonardo Scotti

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